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Is Water The Main Ingredient In Your Skin Care? If So, You Need To Read This!

When we drink water we get the best of it’s benefits; after all it is the best hydration for our bodies. Water helps to lubricate our organs, provides oxygen to our blood and is good for our skin. BUT… externally, it’s not the best source of hydration for our largest external organ. Actually, it’s the exact opposite of hydration. When we put water directly on our skin it evaporates and takes some of our natural oils with it, drying it out.

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Sunscreen: Is It Harming or Hurting Your Skin?

For years we have been told the sun is a danger to our skin. We have been told to lather on tons of sunscreen to protect us from it’s damaging rays. While I don’t disagree that the sun can certainly burn our skin, I have often wondered how many generations before us survived centuries of sun exposure and no skin cancer?

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Get the Rosewater Glow

Formaldehyde, Parabens, and Phthalate, oh my! Almost as harrowing as lions and tigers and bears to Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, is the dangerous chemicals lurking in our facial products. But what’s a girl to do when everything mass marketed to us contains such ingredients? Go natural, girl! Rosewater is your skin’s new best friend…

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