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Sacral Chakra: How do you know if it is imbalanced?

Sacral chakra or Svadhishthana is located at the base of the spine and sacrum and is associated with kidneys and reproductive organs; rotating clockwise for women and counter-clockwise for men. This chakra drives one's feelings and perceptions. All chakras close as a defense mechanism when exposed to negative energy.

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From Your Roots to Your Root Chakra

From your roots to your Root Chakra life can be easily navigated by understanding your energy system and how it guides your choices and emotions. The Root chakra, or Muladhara, is part of the chakras of matter as it is more physical in nature. The root chakra is located at the base of the spine and begins at conception becoming your survival guide throughout your life.

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The Power of Chakras

Albert Einstein once said, “ Everything in life is vibration” and for thousands of years ancient civilizations have used the healing vibrations of crystals and stones to remove spiritual, physical and mental blockages. You may be wondering how this works. Both our bodies and quartz contain silicon-dioxide and it is believed that because of this cellular connection we are naturally more receptive to the energy vibrations of crystals and stones…

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