Face Yoga... Can It Make You Look Younger?

Every article I have read says face yoga is giving Botox a run for it’s money and anything that is natural, safe and can help me have healthy skin, I am ALL ears. So naturally I was curious about face yoga. We all know that yoga is great exercise for our bodies and minds and I admit, hearing about face yoga made me say “huh?” But, the more I read up on it and think about it in the most simplest way, I can see how this is really a thing. Not just a thing, but a helpful exercise tool to improve the look and feel of facial skin.

I bet your first question is “So, what is face yoga?” A series of facial exercises or movements that help to tone and strengthen facial muscles (57 that are included in the face, neck and scalp). This helps to smooth the skin giving it a younger look.

“OK, great, but does it work?” I know is your next question… Hmm, many say “YES!” I have not tried this technique yet, but I have done a lot of research to better understand how this works and what are the correct exercise to start incorporating in my daily skincare routine. Here is what I found out…

There is a face muscle chart you can use to better understand what muscles are in your face and which muscles become engaged when you move certain areas, like your cheeks or eye brows. Using your fingers to massage helps to increase blood flow which results in younger looking and more radiant skin and complexion.

It is better to practice exercises daily in three-minute sessions through out the day. You don’t need to set aside special times to do this, you can simply incorporate these exercises into your daily routine; while showering, walking your dog, driving to work, sitting at your desk, or wherever!

I read that, many women (and some men too) found several benefits to this practice. Not only did they see improvements in reducing wrinkles, but it helped reduce puffy eyes, firmed skin, clearer complexion, and slimmer face and neck by helping to lift the skin.

I found a few face yoga instructors including Koko Hayashi, founder of Face Yoga With Koko, who has been practicing face yoga for over ten years. She provides tutorials on YouTube. You can also look at some before and after pictures that will blow your mind, make you a believer and start your own face yoga routine!

If you decide to give this exercise a go, we’d love to hear about your experience!

Live Well!

Tara Raj, CPC, ACC, CNWC
Co-Owner & Creator of Earth’s Farmacy
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