Heart Chakra or Anahatan; Open Your Heart to Healthier Skin

Heart Chakra; Open Your Heart to Healthier Skin

The heart chakra, also called Anahata, is the center chakra connecting the 3 physical chakras: root, sacral, solar plexus, with the 3 spiritual chakras: throat, third eye and crown. Heart chakra is linked to the lungs, heart, breasts, cardiac plexus, and thymus gland. It is known for ruling the lymphatic system which plays a vital role in our immune system. What is the old saying “Home is where the heart is”?? Yep, in this case the heart chakra is the center of love, peace, acceptance, compassion and forgiveness; who wouldn’t want home to feel like that! When this chakra is balanced there is calmness and higher level of love and compassion. This doesn’t mean you will allow others to hurt you, it means being at a place of forgiveness and happiness and allowing yourself to move on while not allowing other’s actions to hold you hostage. When there is an imbalance one can feel angry, overwhelmed with grief, hatred towards others and self, fearful of betrayal in relationships and depression. Holding grudges becomes natural while letting go is at a distance. Physical symptoms of a closed or imbalanced heart chakra can manifest as heart disease, allergies, and asthma. The lymphatic system becomes compromised creating vulnerability in the immune system. 

How does a closed heart chakra compromise skin? When the immune system is weakened the body’s response is inflammation. Inflammation can cause eczema, skin allergies, acne and blemishes. Remember, your skin is the largest organ and its job is to protect the body so it is important to care for your skin. Keep an open heart! There are many ways to balance the heart chakra, my favorite is using a chakra roller. Emerald green is the color associated with this chakra, so where some green! Rose quartz, jade, emerald, and malachite are a few stones/crystals attached to the heart chakra. You can keep one on or near you and enjoy the many healing benefits of these stones/crystals. Add aromatherapy to your balancing ritual, cedarwood and eucalyptus are among my favorite blends. Next time your heart chakra is imbalanced or closed pick up your chakra roller to help get it balanced! 

Arianne Ortiz