Solar Plexus Chakra; Feel Confident Again

Solar Plexus or Manipura chakra is the third chakra  located in the upper region of the stomach. It is associated with will, personal power, making and promoting confidence, self-discipline, and clarity among many. Our personality, opinions and beliefs form in this chakra and drive many of our daily choices. 

When this chakra has an imbalance, or closed, emotional symptoms manifest in ways such as feeling a lack of control, over-obsessing of details in ones life, not having clarity in direction or purpose, or the need to control your environment and relationships. Physical manifestations stem in the digestive region such as stomach ulcers and colon disorders with other symptoms being high blood pressure, and chronic fatigue. A balanced solar plexus chakra promotes a healthy digestive tract, harmony in relationships, self-confidence, assertiveness, smooth and almost effortless results in your life goals as you have the confidence to make it happen.  

How does an imbalance affect your skin?

Stress releases higher levels of hormones in our body which produces excessive oil secretion and blocks pores. As we all know when our pores are blocked acne takes over and blemishes occur. Digestive disorders create inflammation in the body, this inflammation causes premature aging in the skin. 

How do I balance my chakra?

Keep your chakra balanced with Chakra Rollers! Yellow is the color associated with solar plexus. You can wear yellow or invision yellow surrounding you. Many stones and crystals are linked to solar plexus including citrine, clear quartz, or carnelian. You can use these stones in a chakra roller or place them on or around you. Add some aromatherapy to your chakra balancing by using essential oils such as grapefruit, rosemary, lemongrass, lavender, bergamot which are among my favorite to use. As always, meditation, exercise and nature balances chakras. 

Arianne Ortiz