Sacral Chakra: How do you know if it is imbalanced?

Sacral chakra or Svadhishthana is located at the base of the spine and sacrum and is associated with kidneys and reproductive organs; rotating clockwise for women and counter-clockwise for men. This chakra drives one's feelings and perceptions. All chakras close as a defense mechanism when exposed to negative energy. When this occurs an imbalance in the chakra system forms. Physical symptoms one may experience when the sacral chakra is constricted or imbalanced are lower-back pain, infertility, kidney or urinary issues. When there is a deficiency, or the sacral chakra is underactive, one may experience low self-esteem, emotionally detached, lack of sexual desire and closed off to relationships. Hyperactivity, or overactive sacral chakra can manifest in many ways including over-emotional to the slightest changes or circumstances, needing to be surrounded by drama, highly and easily attaching to others, lack of respect for personal space and boundaries. 

How does this affect our overall well-being? When imbalances occur our bodies remain stressed and our largest organ, our skin, begins to show the effects of this prolonged stress. Yep, our skin takes a beating when our internal system is off due to the higher hormone secretion as a response to the stress. Acne, blemishes, rashes, eczema can increase or form during this time so it is important  we take care of our skin. 

When the sacral chakra is balanced one feels a sense of belonging, can maintain healthy relationships and boundaries and shows sincerity in their encounters. So,  how do you balance your sacral chakra? There are many ways to balance chakras such as meditation, dance your heart out, or a walk in nature. Stones and crystals associated with the sacral chakra are carnelian, citrine, tiger’s eye and garnet. By meditating or placing these stones near or on you one can benefit from their harmonizing properties. Essential oils are another great way to balance chakras. Essential oils associated with this chakra are lemongrass, orange, jasmine, ylang ylang and many more. Crystal Reiki energy infused chakra rollers are a great way to nurture  and balance your chakras whether you are on the go, dancing, taking a nature walk or meditating. 

Arianne Ortiz-Reiki Healer & Intuitive Empath