The Balancing Act for Your Skin.

How do you get and keep healthy and glowing skin? Restore it’s pH balance. Our skin has a natural pH balance of 5.5; slightly acidic. Oily skin has a higher pH, thus being more alkaline and increasing the risk of infection and bacteria growth. Dry skin is lower in pH and therefore more acidic; this causes more inflammation, itching and irritation to occur. If you have oily skin or regular breakouts then your skin is too acidic. Premature aging and chronic dry skin indicates your skin is too alkaline.

The protective barrier of the skin, which is the the outer layer, is called acid mantle. It keeps the moisture and fatty acids in while blocking pollution, bacteria and other germs. When your mantle is too alkaline or too acidic allergens, bacteria and other foreign bodies get into your blood stream and cause irritating skin conditions, inflammation and allergies.

Our skin wants to maintain a pH balance of 5.5 , but we can easily throw this balance off by using the wrong products on our skin and eating the wrong foods. The first step to restoring your skin’s pH balance is to change your diet to clean, healthy foods. This will help to decrease the disruption of good bacterial flora and pH. Next, it is important to eliminate all harsh ingredients from your skin care routine. Chemicals can damage your skin and create more irritations and breakouts.

Avoid using products that contain water. Applying water or skincare made with water to your skin does not help moisturize it. Diluted apple cider vinegar toner helps to balance the skin’s pH; drying up acne and removing dead skin cells. You should also use products that are rich in natural vitamins and antioxidants to help nourish your skin. Antioxidants like vitamins A, C, E, and green tea, are key in maintaining the acid mantle. They fortify the cells so they can function optimally and they protect the cells from environmental stresses and oxidation.

To help rebuild your skin’s barrier, look for skincare that has plant oils such as coconut oil, jojoba oil, olive oil and apricot oil. Hydrosol cleansers (plant water) are also great to use on your skin because they help support the skin’s hydration, soothe inflammation, promote cell regeneration, and balance sebum (oily secretion of the sebaceous gland).

Whatever products you decide to use, be sure to read the labels, steer clear of chemicals and use only products with clean and organic or non-gmo ingredients.

Live Well!

Tara Raj, CPC, ACC, CNWC
Co-Owner & Creator of Earth’s Farmacy
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