TAra Raj and Arianne Ortiz, cofounders of Earths Farmacy, crystal infused organic skincare products.

Meet Tara and Arianne

Two sisters with a single passion.

We started out of necessity…

About Earth’s Farmacy

Being mothers of young sons with growing concerns of what our families were eating and what were in the products we used every day, we learned more about environmental toxins, GMOs, and chemicals used in just about every product.

Our desire to provide healthier options for our children opened the opportunity to create our own lifestyle skincare line.

…We continue out of love, passion, and belief in a better way.


I’m Tara Raj

Co-Creator & Owner, ACC, Certified Professional Life Coach, Certified Nutrition and Wellness Coach

About Tara

A proud mother of two energetic and strong-willed boys and wife of a loving and supportive husband.  I have a passion for life and living it to the fullest. Growing up in a small town taught me the importance of kindness, compassion and grassroot movements.  At a young age my mother became ill with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) and she turned to Reiki and CBD as an alternative to pain medication.  She believed in using herbs and other natural blends for both her internal health and external environment whenever possible.  Having been taught these fundamental lessons about organic practices and energy healing, helped shape me into the self-aware, environmentally conscious and natural living person and mother that I am today.

My love of good health and wellbeing led me to become both a certified life coach and a nutrition and wellness consultant. Using a holistic and intuitive approach I spent several years coaching individuals on finding their work/life balance, strengths, gifts and potentials for both personal and professional growth.

My major personal growth happened when I was working in the corporate world managing a large risk department for a billion-dollar company, supporting over 350k employees and 15k small to mid-sized companies. During this time, I coached and facilitated training classes for colleagues, learned a lot about business and about stress.  

Stepping away to live my best life; creating amazing skincare products and making sure that our company supports and remains in alignment with our core values learned as small girls growing up in a small town has been the best adventure yet.

Arianne Ortiz, cofounder of Earths Farmacy, crystal infused organic skincare line.

I’m Arianne Ortiz

Co-Creator & Owner, Reiki Healer and Intuitive Empath

About Arianne

Growing up an empath and intuitive healer I have always been drawn to holistic living, the environment, and how we can heal from what the environment provides. At a very young age my mother was diagnosed with Lupus SLE, known as the silent wolf due to its ability to mask itself as it attacks the body, turning our world upside down.

My mother, who is also a warrior, turned to her roots and used earth’s greatest gift, plants, to help her heal. She taught us the  importance of herbs, spices, food for healing, and keeping a positive attitude on life and what it throws your way.

Becoming a mother and wife made it even clearer that what we think, eat, and feel greatly impacts who we are and our well-being. Knowing that I was responsible for little ones and how they experience life, I made a choice to live organically so that I could lead by example rather than solely on words.

It has been a natural path for me to heal by pulling healing energy from the earth and placing that energy onto others; as my mother always told me growing up “put your hands on me, it helps ease my pain”.